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Marriage and childbirth, consumption, values, open the new portrait of “30 +” sister From 3.8 special

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In recent years, variety shows and films and TV plays with the theme of “30 + women” have been popular, which has led the public to re-examine and pay attention to the 30 + women group. On the screen, the 30 + sisters tear off the label and are fearless of their age, living up to their expectations. But the reference of star aura to ordinary people is limited. What are 30 + women like in real life? In this section 3.8, getui big data has a deep insight into the “elder sister group” aged 30-44, and has three-dimensional restored the group portrait of “elder sisters” from the rich dimensions of marriage and childbirth status, consumption characteristics, interest preference, media performance, etc.

1、 30 + sister’s portrait background: married or not? Is it right? Do you have a room?

The age of 30 is often a watershed for women. Entering this age, women often need to face many choices of “life events”. The data shows that more and more 30 + women are holding the decision-making power in their own hands, paying for their choices confidently, making their lives more solid, no matter whether they are choosing to get married, have children, buy a house or other things.

The 30 + elder sisters in the first tier cities are more willing to have a second child, of which Guangzhou is the most daring

When many women reach the age of 30, the stage proposition in their life will fall on marriage and childbirth. According to big data, many 30 + sisters began to join the second child camp, and the proportion of women in the second child status was 3.42 times of the total number of women. In terms of urban distribution, the 30 + elder sisters living in the first tier cities are more likely to have a second child, and the proportion of them with the characteristics of “second child parents” is higher than that of the small town women of the same age group (the small town here refers to the third and fourth tier cities and below).

Interestingly, among the four first tier cities of Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen, Guangzhou 30 + elder sister group is more willing to have a second child than the other three cities, and the proportion of “second child parents” is 1.94 times that of Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen 30 + elder sister group.

Women aged 30-44 have a high proportion of houses, and 60% of them plan to buy a second suite

With the strengthening of the desire for independent life and the accumulation of economic strength, more and more 30 + women choose to buy their own house and own a house with their own name, which is not only the foundation of settling down and living, but also the foundation of unknown life in the future.

According to the “2020 women’s home purchase report” released by 58 city residents and anjuke, 80% of women plan to buy a house within five years, and 60% of women over 30 plan to buy a second house. As for the source of funds, 40% of women plan to buy a house independently and hold the decision-making power in their own hands. According to big data, the proportion of women aged 30-44 who have a house is 1.69 times that of the whole population.

2、 30 + elder sister’s consumption view: careful budget, financial management, family and education

For 30 + sisters, family and children are the two biggest concerns they can’t let go. Especially at the moment when there are more and more women in the workplace, 30 + sisters have to switch between multiple identities, not only to deal with the pressure of the workplace, but also to worry about the food and clothing of their families, and at the same time to invest a lot of time and energy in their children’s learning and growth. In the “battlefield of life” without smoke, how can 30 + sister be invincible?

30 + sister “financial quotient” high, can speculate in stocks, leading family consumption decisions

According to the survey report on Chinese women’s consumption, three-quarters of Chinese women control the asset allocation and financial decision-making of their families. The insight of big data also shows that compared with the total number of women, the characteristics of “home buyers” of women aged 30-44 are obvious, with a TGI value of 1.27. They dominate most of the household consumption. Whether the family’s money is used for investment and financing or for buying, the 30 + sisters have greater decision-making and control power.

According to the insight of big data, the investment and financial preference of women aged 30-44 is more obvious than that of women aged below 30 and over 45.

It’s worth mentioning that we also have an interesting insight through big data. Compared with women of other age groups, 30-44 year olds are more daring to try high-risk and high-yield stock trading, “financial quotient” is excellent.

The 30 + elder sister will make a living by careful calculation, and the small town women have more say in family consumption

In terms of family consumption, women aged 30-44 are quite “smart”. On the one hand, they pay attention to the quality of life and pursue the efficiency of service. They are particularly keen on fresh distribution apps that can deliver goods to their homes in time and focus on fresh characteristics. The activity of “box horse”, “dingdong shopping” and “Jingdong home” apps is higher than that of the whole number of women. At the same time, they are also good at living, and are good at careful calculation. The activity of group buying apps such as “what’s worth buying”, “pinduoduo” and “Jingxi” is higher than that of the total number of women. 30 + sisters are rational and restrained in consumption, and know how to spend the least money to buy the most suitable and cost-effective products for their families.

In the process of insight, we also found an interesting point: compared with women aged 30-44 in big cities, although the consumption power of women aged 30-44 in small towns is relatively weak, their “home buyers” feature is more obvious, which is 1.91 times of that of women aged 30-44 in big cities. It can be seen that the small town sister has more say in family consumption.

Baoma in a first tier city attaches importance to children’s English training, while Baoma in a small town takes on the role of homework guidance

In a family with children, children’s education is a major focus of 30 + Baoma’s life. Big data shows that compared with men of the same age group, women aged 30-44 spend more on children’s education. In the face of increasingly fierce competition environment, many Baoma start the “chicken baby” mode from their children’s pre-school stage, and accompany their children to upgrade all the way. It’s said that time is the most precious, but the energy and time that mothers spend on their children are priceless.

We also have an insight into the current situation of Baoma’s education in the age group of 30-40 from a more subdivided urban dimension. Through the data, we found that Baoma aged 30-44 in the first tier cities have more obvious “preschool education” attribute, pay more attention to the cultivation of children’s English communication ability, and frequently use dada English, vipkid and other children’s English training apps; while the small town mothers aged 30-44 have more obvious “primary and secondary education” characteristics, and are more active in homework, homework help and other homework guidance apps.

3、 30 + sister’s values: enjoy life and pursue a better self

“If you ask me how old I am, it’s better to ask me how many storms and landscapes I have gone through.”. Outside of children and families, many 30 + sisters do not leave their “selves” behind. They are active and progressive, strive to be elegant, and care more about living themselves and enriching their inner world.

30 + the elder sister is not lax in her study and maintenance, and pays attention to both “inside” and “face”

Learn a foreign language, do a good job in body management, do a good job in “face project” Big data shows that women aged 30-44 have not relaxed their pursuit of self-improvement and beauty. They pay more attention to self investment and constantly acquire knowledge to enrich themselves. The characteristics of “English training” and “adult education” are more obvious than those of men of the same age. The TGI values are 1.87 and 1.45 respectively. 30 + sister’s “beauty” and “weight loss” attributes are also more significant, they are keen on maintenance, pay attention to keep fit. With the increasing popularity of medical beauty, many 30 + sisters who love beauty, especially those in first tier cities, are more willing to have a try. Their medical beauty apps are more active, and the active rate of new oxygen medical beauty is 40.80%.

30 + sister loves reading and “elimination”; sister in small town loves comics and racing in games

According to a big data tweet, compared with the total number of women, women aged 30-44 prefer the accompanying media of “radio” and have a clear preference for “listening to books”. On the way to and from work, they open apps such as litchi FM, Fandeng reading, Himalaya, etc., and seize their short leisure time to catch up with the updated radio drama, listen to a classic novel or savor an old song. They know how to enjoy their own little time beyond the daily necessities and pots and pans of life.

At the same time, big data shows that 30 + sisters’ QQ reading, Migu reading and other reading apps are also relatively active. In terms of other reading preferences, we found that compared with the 30 + sisters in the first tier cities who prefer to watch “news and information”, the small town sisters prefer comic books and funny content. Behind the multiple roles of mother and wife, the small town sister still has a pink maiden heart. Comic books, iqiyi comic books, comic Island, Buka comic books and BiliBili comic books are the top 5 comic app they often open.

In the fragmented leisure time, 30 + sisters are more inclined to play relatively relaxed leisure puzzle games to relax their body and mind. The activity of snake eating, happy Xiaole and other apps are higher than that of men. Compared with the 30-44 year old women in the first tier cities, the sisters in the small town are more keen on racing games, and their interest TGI is 1.43. In the quiet life of small town, they create their own speed and passion.

The 30 + elder sister is keen on outdoor travel, while the 30 + elder sister in the first tier cities prefers peripheral travel and outbound travel

According to the big data, the 30 + sisters’ preference for “outdoor” is also significant, which is 1.5 times that of the total number of women. Most of the women in this age group are “parents of middle school students”. The reason why they prefer outdoor sports may be related to their children. They hope to take their children outdoors to get close to and explore the nature, so as to enhance their curiosity and physical resistance. We also have a more detailed insight into the preferences of sisters in different cities in terms of tourism. We find that the 30 + elder sisters in the first tier cities are more interested in peripheral tourism and outbound tourism represented by Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, with TGI values as high as 14 and 8 respectively. Go to the outside world and look for your own poems and distant places. 30 + sisters are free and unrestrained.

30, just a number. Every woman is free to define what 30 + looks like. Through a detailed insight into 30-44 year old women through big data, we found that: 30 + sisters are financially independent, have a strong foundation, have weaknesses and more armor, stand out from the family and workplace, and strive to live a delicate and natural life. They are not bound by age and are bravely interpreting more possibilities of life.

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