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On the second growth curve capability from OKR From Guojin securities

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OKR (objectives and key results) management method helps Internet enterprises to efficiently implement the main track and innovate and develop the auxiliary track. 1) OKR ensures the team’s executive ability and strives around the main goal: it sets multi-level goals, has three advantages of flexibility, process exploration and low communication cost, injects “wolf spirit” into the enterprise, forms a “struggle system” with the company’s goals as the core and the Department and individual goals as the bottom, so that the company can better develop around the core main goal. 2) OKR promotes the company’s innovation, breakthrough, auxiliary business and market expansion: OKR is conducive to the development of enterprises in the fast-paced market environment. It has the characteristics of fast goal iteration, boundless goal and challenge, and allows employees to try and make mistakes. It provides clear goals and optimization evaluation standards for enterprises in opening up new tracks, and stimulates employees’ subjective initiative and creativity, Lay a solid foundation for enterprise innovation.

Case 1: Google develops into a technology Internet giant with the help of OKR. 1) Initial stage: OKR helps Google speed up its R & D efficiency, find a clear profit model, and successfully survive the Internet crisis. 2) Expansion period:

OKR dual goals help Google achieve short-term and long-term collaborative development, and break through the gap between departments. 3) Maturity: focus on long-term OKR long-term planning, Google technology giant position to consolidate.

Case 2: with the help of OKR to maintain long-term innovation and continue to expand the market. 1) OKR’s principle of “70 points is the best” helps byte continuously develop new business and stimulate employees’ enterprising spirit. 2) OKR hierarchical target management system helps to subdivide the business objectives and improve the target completion rate. 3) Byte’s corporate culture and OKR’s core value are the same, they promote each other and help byte develop rapidly.

Case 3: Huawei focuses on the main channel, relies on OKR, rationally maintains high executive power, and shapes its brand image. 1) OKR helps Huawei focus on the main channel and target management helps Huawei become the leader of equipment suppliers.

2) With the help of OKR, Huawei has gradually implemented its overall goal with extremely high execution.

OKR of Internet enterprises: dynamic choice of personality, with five commonalities. 1) Start up period: short target + main track: OKR helps start-up Internet companies quickly define their goals and improve their efficiency. Development period:

Double goal + auxiliary track: the double goal mode of short goal + long goal meets the long-term development needs of the company, the short goal caters to market changes, and the long goal stimulates employees’ initiative and the long-term layout of the enterprise. Mature period: long goal + main and auxiliary track coexist: in large Internet enterprises, OKR helps the organization to establish more ambitious goals and assist the company’s strategy. 2) Commonness: flat + transparent + efficient + Creation + Leadership: OKR shows five commonalities in Internet enterprises, namely flat organizational structure, transparent system, creative corporate culture, strong leadership and correct judgment.

OKR three-dimensional quantitative system, verify OKR landing efficiency. 1) OKR quantitative guidance, find out the key factors of OKR, improve the implementation efficiency of OKR. The first mock exam system of OKR is divided into OKR establishment dimension, OKR execution dimension and OKR summary dimension. Each representative module is selected to quantify the score. Finally, the weights of each index are weighted by the different weights of the start-up company and the mature company, and the final result is formed. The final score can be ranked among different companies to compare the implementation quality of OKR in different companies. 2) Byte beat OKR execution quality evaluation: byte relies on OKR from beginning to end to maintain market sensitivity. Byte introduced OKR management system earlier, and launched its own OKR system – “fly book” and employee OKR training program. The evaluation results of byte OKR implementation quality are evaluated from 10 dimensions, such as the clarity of target setting and the degree of target alignment, so as to achieve the effect of efficient implementation of OKR and innovation breakthrough. OKR plays an important role in the continuous expansion of byte market.

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