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One third of users found hate speech on video sites in the past 90 days From Ofcom

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According to foreign media Neowin, the UK’s digital regulator Ofcom has released new survey results, which show that one third of users have found hate content after visiting video sharing sites such as YouTube in the past three months, indicating that the content audit policy may not work. At the same time as the new survey results were released, Ofcom announced new rules that video sharing platforms must abide by.

Ofcom’s research found that a third of users found hate content online; the regulator said the content was usually targeted at certain ethnic groups, religious groups, transgender people and based on sexual orientation.

In addition to the content, a quarter of respondents said they had been bullied, abused and threatened. One in five respondents said they had witnessed or experienced racist content online, and people from ethnic minority backgrounds were more likely to encounter it.

As young people tend to be better at using technology, it’s no surprise that Ofcom’s survey shows that young people aged 13 to 17 are more likely to be exposed to harmful online content in the past three months. Seven out of every 10 video sharing platform users said they had encountered harmful content, but among users aged 13 to 17, the proportion rose to eight out of every 10 users.

Only 25% of users who have ever reported using the platform or shared video security features that they did not know were harmful. To help raise awareness, Ofcom has told video sharing platforms that clear upload rules need to be introduced to make tagging or reporting easier, and that adult websites should introduce age verification systems.

If the site fails to comply with Ofcom’s decision, it will investigate and take action. Some of the measures it can enforce include fines, requiring specific actions from suppliers, and in severe cases, restricting access to services.

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