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At the end of 2020, which is full of uncertainty, to sort out the consumption behavior and expectation of Chinese consumers for smart phones is not only meaningful for us to resume the development of Internet in 2020, but also has reference value for us to look forward to the changes of mobile phone industry and Internet users’ consumption in the future.

In recent years, the technology industry, especially the Internet and intelligent device manufacturers, are concerned about where the “next generation of portable computing platform” will appear, including smart glasses, smart watches, bracelets and other products. However, it is an indisputable fact that smart phones are still the most frequently used terminal products by Chinese and global Internet users for at least a few years.

From the popularity wave to the replacement wave, from the rise of online e-commerce to the sinking of offline market, from the loss of international brands to the strength of domestic mobile phones, from 4G to 5g The consumption of smart phones has been on a considerable scale and has never been short of change.

We hope that through a research report on smart phone consumption, we can provide some changes and judgment reference on the consumer side of this industry.

The following are the core findings of the report:

1. In terms of the replacement cycle, one third of smart phone users complete the replacement within two years. By the fourth year, 90.1% of Internet users had completed at least one replacement operation. Therefore, four years can be regarded as a complete cycle for Internet users to change their phones.

2. The budget for purchasing smart phones: the Internet users in the first and second tier cities are mainly from 2001 to 5000 yuan, and most of the Internet users in the third, fourth and fifth tier cities choose mobile phones of 1000-3000 yuan.

3. Compared with 2019, the Internet users’ purchase budget in 2020 will decrease. The per capita purchase budget of first tier cities decreased by 5.4% compared with that in 2019, while that of the more sinking fourth tier and fifth tier cities dropped by more than 10%.

4. Among mobile phone brands, Huawei has the widest audience and the highest user loyalty, followed by apple and Xiaomi, but there is still a large gap for the time being.

5. Netizens pay more attention to hardware performance and battery life, and male netizens are the main ones. In addition, 5g support and good signal are also two aspects worthy of reference when replacing the next mobile phone.

6. For online purchase, JD is the first choice, accounting for nearly 80%. In addition, Taobao, tmall, Suning and other e-commerce platforms and brand official websites ranked second.

About 30% of netizens will consider buying second-hand mobile phones. At a price of 60% to 70% of the original price, about 80% of the new second-hand mobile phones are most in line with the expectations of these users.

8.68% of netizens are still used to buying mobile phones in full, and the older the netizens are, the more likely they are to buy them all.

9. The proportion of young netizens who are willing to pay by installments is higher. Among the Post-00 group, 57.8% of them will consider and are willing to buy mobile phones by installments.

The following is the full report:

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