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Research shows that 47% of employees spend their own money to solve the technical problems of working from home From InMyArea

The following is the Research shows that 47% of employees spend their own money to solve the technical problems of working from home From InMyArea recommended by And this article belongs to the classification: User Research. The new study explores how technological problems affect people who work from home. It found that 47% of employees had spent their own money to solve technical problems, and 20% of them spent $100 or more.

More than half of the remote employees said that they had encountered some kind of technical problems, and a third said that these problems had brought them great or even extreme pressure. The most common sources of technical pressure are lack of speed and slow Internet connection (56%), slow device (50%) and slow file download (32%).

When people contact the employer’s IT team, most people think it’s helpful. In fact, 83% of the people working in companies with 51 to 100 employees are satisfied with the it help provided. In companies with more than 500 employees, the proportion fell to 80%. However, 31% of employees did not seek help even when they encountered technical problems, and one in five did not seek help from their employers in any way.

Ryan mcgonagill, director of industry research at inmyarea, said: “although many people are proficient in technology, the transition to a fully remote environment is a huge project, especially for those who did not work remotely in the past. Our survey results show that when employers provide better it support for their teams, the result is that team members are more satisfied, more effective and more motivated. “

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