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The survey shows that 88% of American teenagers own iPhones From Piper Sandler

The following is the The survey shows that 88% of American teenagers own iPhones From Piper Sandler recommended by And this article belongs to the classification: iPhone, Mobile Internet users, Intelligent mobile phone, User Research.

According to Piper Sandler’s latest survey of more than 7000 teenagers in the United States, American teenagers really like the iPhone. The survey shows that Apple’s flagship consumer products have very high brand loyalty among American teenagers. 88% of teenagers have iPhones, and 90% of teenagers hope that the next mobile phone will still be iPhones.

Many American teenagers not only regard “iPhone” as a popular object, but also as a symbol and luxury. A separate brand loyalty survey also found that people’s loyalty to apple and iPhone has reached an all-time high, while their feelings for Android are declining.

The report also shows that Apple pay is second only to cash in terms of teenagers’ preferred way of payment. Other technology companies and products that performed well in the report included Netflix, youtube, snapchat, tiktok and Amazon. In addition, the survey covered topics ranging from work and economy to favorite celebrities.

Apple products usually perform very well among young people. The high rate of iPhone ownership (or self-reported ownership) is consistent with previous studies. For example, a study found that 83% of teenagers had iPhones in 2019. Apple products are also often at the top of the gift wish list.

A survey conducted by sellcell in March found that Apple’s iPhone brand loyalty has increased, while Android users’ loyalty to their device manufacturers has decreased, and they are more willing to switch to other brands. The survey, conducted by sellcell in early March 2021, involved more than 5000 smartphone users with various models of the most popular mobile phone brands.

Piper Jaffray: 82% of American teenagers own at least one iPhone Piper Jaffray: in October 2015, the proportion of American teenagers owning iPhones rose to 67% Piper Sandler: the survey shows that only 10% of respondents plan to buy iPhones in 2020. 12piper Sandler: the survey shows that the number of American teenagers owning iPhones has reached an all-time high Sandler: Fall 2020 American youth survey Piper Jaffray: iPhone has become a symbol of teenagers’ social status RBC Capital Market: survey shows that 50% of users will buy iphonecircp for their next mobile phone Among 6S users, 26% of Android users use mixpanel: the proportion of 4-inch iPhone users is still as high as 37% ATD: iPhone Video views are twice as much as Android CIRP: iPad users change new models in 2-4 years, which is far lower than iPhone function mobility: 13-17-year-old U.S. teenagers use mobile phone data information chart

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