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The survey shows that consumers show more and more interest in the exercise of privacy From DataGrail

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According to foreign media reports, under the California consumer privacy act (CCPA), which came into effect last year, consumers are exercising their right to privacy – to access, delete or block the sale of their data. A new report from datagrail, a privacy platform, shows that consumers are increasingly concerned about their personal information and how it is used. The survey also shows that the number of data subject requests (dsrs) received by companies varies greatly due to their privacy protection measures.

“Apple is leading a new privacy and CcpA into implementation, and consumers are not only more aware of how their data is used, they are also aware – perhaps for the first time – that they have a choice to protect their information,” said CEO Daniel barber, founder of datagrail. As more and more states explore data privacy legislation, and as technology leaders address privacy issues, we expect the number of dsrs to increase in the coming year. “

Datagrail provides data subject requests (dsrs) to millions of consumers, which gives it a unique insight into the number of requests that companies can expect. Research shows that most of the requirements are to stop selling data to third parties. 46% of the requirements in DSR are to choose not to sell data. In addition, 1 / 3 of the DSR in 2020 are deletion requests.

In 2020, the average B2C company will receive 137 dsrs per million identities. However, almost half of the dsrs are not authenticated, which means that the requesters do not continue to prove their identity. Many unverified requests are actually spam, wasting the company’s unnecessary time and money.

Organizations that use forms and captcha tend to have fewer unverified requests than those that simply ask customers to send e-mail. In addition, companies that often update their privacy policies often encounter a large number of requests after updating.

Barber added: “in the new era of privacy, transparent and trustworthy companies will be the biggest winners. Actively taking good privacy protection measures does not necessarily kill the profit margin. Visionary companies have found ways to make a strong privacy stance work for people and their businesses. “

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