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Tiktok can carry out technology and bring goods. This trembling female super hard core. From Portraits of female creators

The following is the Tiktok can carry out technology and bring goods. This trembling female super hard core. From Portraits of female creators recommended by And this article belongs to the classification: User Research.

In the era of short video, “she created” has become a force that can not be ignored by the Internet.

In the 38 quarter, the huge engine released HER, O: the big data of female creators of “she” power, and combed and analyzed the latest portraits of female creators above the tiktok platform, highlighting the color performance of women in live broadcasting, goods making, entrepreneurship, social and cultural inheritance, etc.

You have talent

They hold up half the sky of short video creation

In the era of digital economy, women hold up half of the sky of short video content production. According to the huge amount of arithmetic report, in the digital fields of short video, live broadcast, live broadcast with goods, not only the number of female creators is higher than that of men, but also their creativity is very strong. On the whole, the number of videos published per capita is higher than that of men.

They are keen on expression and creation. Apart from sharing in the fields of fashion, parent-child, food, entertainment and tourism, they are also outstanding in the “hard core” fields of science and technology, sports, agriculture, rural areas and government affairs. According to the data, women creators of science and technology are far more prolific than men in content, and the number of videos published by women per capita is nearly twice that of men.

This means that, on the one hand, women’s self-awareness is increasingly awakening, they love family, records and themselves; on the other hand, they are gradually permeating from traditional fields such as beauty and entertainment to various fields such as science and technology, and their content creation is diversified, and their voice rights in different fields are constantly improving.

The post-80s “she” is the main force of creators

But after 60 “she” productivity first

Compared with the post-90s and post-90s, the post-80s ranked first in the number of female creators in short video, live broadcast and other fields, becoming the main force of creators. Tiktok tiktok, ride the wind and waves the 5G, and then change the dress to the show and drive the car. They are more than 00 square girls dancing, but they are more young and more like the wind. They are also fighting the wind and waves in the shaking. The 60 generation of the 50 generation is more likely to be enthusiastic about their creativity. According to the data, she publishes two videos per person per day, and the number of videos she creates per day is three times that of the post-90s and 1.7 times that of the post-80s.

Not only are they enthusiastic about creation, but they are also willing to interact with fans. Fans are very sticky. The interaction rate of a single video is as high as 3.38%, ranking second after 00. As a netizen commented on the vlog of aunt @ 50’s self driving tour, “never too late”!

Female anchor in first tier cities

Shanghai female anchorperson likes to be the first-line “leader”

We are now in the consumer era, which is the era of Internet experience economy. We pay more attention to user experience, emotional thinking and communication interaction, which are the advantages and characteristics of women. In the live field of real-time interaction, women’s advantages are more prominent. As the main group of consumption, they are the best in the “delivery industry”.

From the live transaction orders, the female anchor aimed at the female students’ psychology of “love beauty and love to eat”, and the turnover of beauty, food, clothing and other categories was high. A large amount of statistical data shows that, on the whole, the number of orders per woman is higher than that of men. The number of orders per female anchor is twice that of men.

From the perspective of national regional distribution, live shows a trend of decentralization. On the whole, female anchors in the first tier cities have outstanding delivery capacity, and the number of orders per capita of female anchors in the first tier cities such as Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou ranks the top 5 in China. Among the first tier cities, Shanghai leads other cities in the number of orders per capita, which is worthy of the name of “king of goods delivery”.

In the Internet digital era, women’s way of life and work can be many yuan. They can return to their families to be a good wife and mother, or form a team to start their own business; they can go to the office to fight for promotion, or they can stay away from the workplace to do what they like more and happier. The tiktok short video platform provides unlimited new possibilities for them to tell her stories and show her power. More reading: iResearch: online health consultation in the United States is more popular with women. Figure: Women’s plog Behavior Research Report 2020 (with download) in April 2014, female mobile game players accounted for only 13% – information figure CCM benchmark: French female Internet users’ online and mobile use behavior Amazon: survey shows that about 70% of female online shopping is more than offline shopping. Good women: 2011 Q4 Taobao Fleishman Hillard: 2011 women’s influence survey PreQin: women only account for 1 / 5 of the jobs of hedge fund worldbank: 2015 survey on the proportion of women’s seats in national parliaments statista: women are still facing gender inequality in the high-tech industry, what are female consumers thinking when browsing freely? Gartner: survey shows that female CIOs love online shopping and spend more freely BIAB: survey results show that 52% of female gamers in the UK Gallup: only 14% of women use financial websites for investment and retirement advice Nielsen: women love iPhone and men love Android

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