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The so-called “she economy” refers to the unique economic circle and economic phenomenon formed around women’s consumption. With the improvement of the overall national economic level and the awakening of women’s self-awareness, women’s demand for improving the quality of life is becoming increasingly strong, and their consumption ability is becoming stronger and stronger, gradually becoming the main force of consumption in the new era.

Rising background: influenced by economic, social, technological and other factors, the new social media represented by short video and live broadcast boost the rapid rise of “she economy”.

① Education: in recent years, China has attached great importance to the development of education. The proportion of women with bachelor’s degree or above has increased. The number of young women with higher education is more than that of men of the same age. Women with higher education broaden their horizons, have stronger desire to drive self-improvement, and have stronger spiritual needs;

② Economy: the economic base has been significantly improved, which determines the independence of women’s consumption. Women’s purchase desire has been more released, and their consumption taste has been further upgraded;

③ Society: the per capita gross national income has continuously stepped up to a new level, reaching the level of upper middle income countries as a whole. The consumption strength and consumption concept of new middle-class women have been reshaped. The growing national self-confidence stimulates a strong sense of identity and honor to the national traditional culture. The cultural self-confidence of big countries is high, and the recognition of national fashion brands is high.

Investment opportunities: China’s new middle class women are economically independent, pursuing quality, paying attention to rituals, and doting on themselves. They not only pursue material quality improvement, but also pursue happiness and satisfaction in consumption. New opportunities are nurtured in related fields.

① Her content: in recent years, with the awakening of women’s self-awareness, the popularity of “her culture” is also reflected in the film and television and variety industry, focusing on women’s lives at different stages of life, discussing the practical issues of women’s different roles, and focusing on women’s expression, the film and television content has shown a trend of concentrated explosion and breaking the circle, causing new social attention and discussion News, mango super media, BiliBili, Huace film and television, ZhangYue technology, etc.

Second, she marketing: “social + content” grass Kwai, live goods to accelerate the realization of cash, the size of female business users rising all the way, the emergence of social media giants have a huge impact on the pattern of the electricity supplier market.

③ Her face value: according to iResearch data, in 2019, the scale of China’s medical beauty market will reach 176.9 billion yuan, with a growth rate of 22.2%; in 2019, there will be 13.672 million users of China’s medical beauty, and it is predicted that there will be 25.483 million users of China’s medical beauty in 2023 (CAGR from 19 to 23 is 16.8%). At present, China’s medical beauty consumers are younger, and the user structure is richer. Compared with foreign countries, there is still a lot of room to improve the penetration rate. The relevant listed companies are: AMEC, Huaxi biology, new oxygen, aoyuanmeigu.

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