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China’s film market is about to experience the most extraordinary year in its history. In 2020, the film market needs to bear in mind too many points, from the suspension of the whole line to the gradual recovery, and then to the promotion of new marketing to new viewing demand.

On December 14, the lighthouse and poison eye released the value of decision making: user report of China’s film market in 2020, which provides insight and Analysis on the market performance and user behavior in this special year. Taking the Spring Festival archives as samples, the research perspective is put on the future of the film market.

The report shows that the orderly return to work, the restoration of diversified content supply, the iterative innovation of marketing methods, and the diversified implementation of publicity strategies will drive the audience to return to the cinema in an all-round way, and promote the Chinese film industry to climb the peak again.

The upcoming Spring Festival will be a key moment to stimulate the film market in an all-round way. In 2018 and 2019, the box office of the Spring Festival box office reached 5.77 billion and 5.91 billion respectively, and three films with a total box office of 1.5 billion + were born. The Spring Festival box office is still the best time for box office to release rapidly.

In the 2021 Spring Festival, there will be a number of excellent films on the stage. Seven films with multiple themes, including Chinatown detective 3, assassinating novelists, new God list: the rebirth of Nezha, order to serve God, Hello, Li Huanying, bear haunting, wild continent and turbulent crowd, will compete fiercely to accompany the audience to welcome another spring of Chinese films!

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