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Augmented reality by 2020 From ABI Research

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By 2020, the total investment in the augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) markets has exceeded US $2 billion (EUR 1.69 billion). According to the latest report of ABI research, a global technology market consulting company, more than $1.3 billion has been used for financing AR and VR companies, and more than $500 million has been used for M & A transactions, involving the enterprise and consumer markets, as well as hardware, software and services.

“The rise of novel coronavirus pneumonia and the long-range economy has brought new demands and trends to consumers and enterprises, and has promoted the financing and acquisition transactions in AR/VR (remote) healthcare, family entertainment and virtual collaboration tools,” said E Leif Arthur Rya Research, research analyst at ABI Research. Kouri explained, “novel coronavirus pneumonia is also not affected by the economic uncertainty, but the number of companies and projects failed significantly less than in previous years. In addition, the main driving factors behind M & A transactions and financing are the expansion of market territory and the improvement of solutions to better meet higher demand and stand out in the competition, rather than corporate rescue investment. “

In the AR market, hardware has proved to be an important and attractive investment point in 2020, especially with the continuous growth of the market, consumer hardware. Some ar / MR smart glass manufacturers, such as mad gaze, nreal, Mira, magic leap and North, which have been acquired by Google, have received huge sums of money in 2020. In the VR market, media, entertainment and game studios such as thirdverse and survivos have achieved success, and VR healthcare companies ossovr and Oxford VR, which specialize in training, have also achieved success.

However, the software has not been forgotten, and there have been some remarkable series of investments this year. Although it’s not technically financing or M & A, unity’s $1.3 billion initial public offering highlights the importance of a strong content creation platform. Librestream, an enterprise platform provider, augmedics, spatial, a collaboration platform, and popul, an AR marketing creation platform, all received more than $1 million in financing in 2020. Apple is also actively involved in the acquisition of software and platforms, launching VR collaboration platform spaces and VR content company nextvr.

“No doubt, novel coronavirus pneumonia is also disrupted in the AR/VR market, as in many other industries, especially in the second quarter of 2020. However, in the third and fourth quarters, financing activities increased due to a deeper understanding of the market and a better understanding and assessment of the value that AR / VR solutions can generate. M & A is an indicator of market health and growth. As a way to create value and expand scale, it helps enterprises recover and maintain competitiveness during the economic downturn, and expand their capabilities and markets that can be handled in the future. ” Curie concluded.

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