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37% of British and American social network users watch the live broadcast From GWI

The following is the 37% of British and American social network users watch the live broadcast From GWI recommended by And this article belongs to the classification: GWI, original, Webcast, Online shopping.

Live broadcast has gained a new popularity in the new crown pandemic. The audience ratings of multiple platforms are growing and new features are being introduced, which expands opportunities for marketers and creators. Although this is still an exploratory model for us marketers, opinion leader marketing is a core component because creators and celebrities are working with brands to conduct virtual activities, games and live shopping.

Live broadcasting is a way for creators and opinion leaders to present content, which is usually not as beautiful as photos or recorded videos. The live broadcast also provides a way for opinion leaders to interact with the audience in real time through real-time chat.

According to a survey conducted by global Web index and marketing company impactor in May 2020, 37% of UK and US social media users actively watch live videos of opinion leaders they follow. The ranking of watching opinion leaders live broadcast was higher than that of other popular forms of participation, such as meeting leaders’ stories (34%) and long videos (26%).

During the whole pandemic, the live broadcast of opinion leaders has been the focus. In September 2020, the global Web index again tracked the popularity of live content of opinion leaders and found that people’s interest did not decrease. Among the Internet users surveyed in the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany and France, 14% of the respondents often watch the live broadcast of opinion leaders on social media, while 23% occasionally watch it.

The study also shows that some consumers are interested in shopping through live broadcast of opinion leaders. A survey conducted by GfK on Internet users around the world (excluding China) in July and August 2020 found that about 1 / 4 of the respondents (24%) hope to discover brands or products in the future through watching live broadcast and opinion leaders using the product.

However, the live broadcast of opinion leaders and brand representatives still lags behind other forms of discovery, including browsing products classified by current trend (38%), products classified by lifestyle (37%), and customized products based on consumer response (36%).

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