Double the contribution and distribution of real-time IP broadcasting in 2020 From Level

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The novel coronavirus pneumonia affects the way of news live, sports and other markets to collect, manage and disseminate live content. According to a study conducted by liveu over the past year based on data generated by global customer groups, the usage of content sharing in the United States and internationally will double in 2020.

It is reported that in the “liveu 2020 live broadcast status report”, the most noteworthy content is that the phenomenon of content sharing by us and international audiences through IP has increased significantly. The report points out that the integration of news gathering and the decrease of live broadcast personnel have increased the dependence of IP based content contribution and global distribution. It covers the Internet to TV stations, TV stations to TV stations, producers to sports teams, leagues and associations.

The study found that with the help of matrix, global media organizations doubled the average number of user conversations, thus expanding the coverage of live news programs. An important milestone in the summer of 2020 is the monthly distribution of more than 30000 real-time feeds selected by more than 1000 customers to local, national and global news broadcasts. The international content shared by international broadcasters who focus on the US election has increased significantly.

“Due to the ongoing new epidemic and the attendant health, logistics and budget issues, cellular based portable mobile devices make it possible to broadcast live at home and elsewhere. At the same time, IP based workflow transfer requires producers to think differently about how they create and share live content. ” Samuel Wasserman, chief executive and co-founder of liveu, commented. “It’s a challenge for our customers to understand and participate in the epidemic. With the emergence of vaccines, the market is expected to stabilize. We are seeing the return of sports live broadcasting and the increasing use of live broadcasting, remote production, IP contribution and distribution. “

With the prospect of major events such as the live u Olympic Games in Tokyo, it is expected that there will be further growth.

Source: advanced television this article is compiled by the future media network

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