In January 2021, the viewing time of twitch and Facebook gaming increased by 117% year on year

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This COVID-19 not only led to more people buying games, but also spent more time watching others play games. According to a new report, the viewing time of twitch and Facebook gaming last month more than doubled compared with the same period in 2020. Streamelements and Rainmaker.gg The report on the state of the live broadcast industry shows that in January 2021, the viewing time of twitch and Facebook gaming increased by 117% year on year.

In March last year, before and after the blockade of most parts of the world, the viewing time of these two platforms increased significantly. After breaking their viewing time record in December last year, they reached a new historical high in January this year.

Twitch watched more than 2 billion hours last month, while Facebook gaming watched more than 439 million hours, up 13% month on month. Twitch’s non game just chatting was its most popular category in January, with a total of 242 million hours of viewing. This was followed by rust (189 million), League of Heroes (163 million) and escape from takov (108 million). Each category has a monthly increase, but none is close to the 1226% increase of rust.

Xqcow is the most popular streaming media so far this month, with 25 million views. The second is auronplay and the grefg. It’s not just game streaming that keeps more people on twitch. In January 2021, the number of views of music category exceeded 24 million hours, compared with 4.6 million hours in January 2020. The closure of many live venues may have contributed to this growth, which is expected to continue this year.

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