Social influence of MCN institutions in the first quarter of 2021 From Crowley

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With the rapid development of new media, policy support and capital support from the platform side, MCN institutions have become the preferred path for the current major industries.

In order to fully demonstrate the strength of content creators and account operation ability of MCN organizations, so as to help investors and advertisers more easily judge the commercial value of each MCN.

Crowley released the social influence list of MCN institutions in the first quarter of 2021.

Data cycle

January 1, 2021 – March 31, 2021

List dimension

The Kwai Chi index is based on the number of media and the media’s strength, creativity, communication and interaction in the micro-blog, tiktok, WeChat and other platforms.

Fan power: the main evaluation indicators are the number of fans / followers of we media, etc;

Creativity: the main evaluation index is the number of original microblogs / articles / videos published by we media;

Communication power: the main evaluation indicators are the number of readings of we media / average number of readings, etc;

Interactivity: the main evaluation indicators were the number of times we media were forwarded, commented and liked, the average number of times we media were forwarded, commented and liked, and the average interaction rate.

Note: fan power, creative power, communication power and interaction power are calculated by the normalized algorithm in proportion, with 100 points as the upper limit, two decimal places reserved and rounded.

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