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The offline real economy has been greatly impacted, and the suppressed offline consumer demand has moved to the online market in large quantities. Live broadcast and short video have become the ways for more and more businesses to bring goods. The growth rate of new retail relying on new social media is obvious, which reflects the remodeling of the relationship among people, goods and markets, and the fundamental changes of consumer circle and path.

We believe that in the short term, the live broadcast e-commerce is still in the stage of rapid expansion with high growth and low penetration rate, and the market space will be broad in the future. With the increase of entrants, the industry competition will become more and more fierce. It is suggested to select the target from the following three main lines:

Investment ideas

1) Content E-commerce

Actively lay out the content media platform of live e-commerce, rely on the content moat, build a complete business closed loop, and constantly expand the monetization ability of social assets;

2) MCN

As a traffic transfer station, it is an important promoter of the marketing industry. With its ability of systematic production of content, fine management of supply chain management, and accurate control of traffic value, “MCN + X” is expected in the new economic wave;

3) Marketing service provider

With the development of live broadcast e-commerce industry, service providers with strong resource base and management ability in the industrial chain can enjoy the industry growth dividend and achieve continuous breakthroughs in performance.

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