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The rise of TV stations From New trend of MCN industry

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Industry summary: the head effect of MCN industry is obvious, and the policy supervision is stricter. In 2019, the proportion of MCN head organization’s revenue exceeding 100 million yuan has increased significantly, and the gap between the head, waist and tail of the industry’s revenue scale is large. There are three high-quality anchors and platforms in the industry, and the overall development momentum of the industry is upward, showing obvious head effect. With the live broadcasting e-commerce entering the 2.0 era, MCN institutions, which take e-commerce live broadcasting as the mainstream way, take advantage of the new outlet of e-commerce live broadcasting to lay out related businesses. At the same time, the network supervision is becoming more and more strict, and the production and release of network information are becoming more and more cautious. The state has issued laws and regulations, formulated platform protocols and user agreements, and strengthened the compliance construction of platform content.

Opportunities: the traditional revenue generation mode is declining, and the trend of live broadcasting brings new opportunities. The advertising revenue of TV stations continues to decline. The platform revenue generation mode needs to be diversified and expanded. The layout of MCN will revitalize the existing resources of TV stations. Many places have issued live broadcast support policies, and the distribution of live broadcast and delivery by TV stations conforms to the policy guidance. In recent years, the supervision of live broadcast and delivery has become stricter, which highlights the advantages of radio and television content. The rich anchor resources of TV stations, the production capacity of potential celebrities and the brand product channels accumulated by TV shopping contribute to the development of MCN.

Development: TV stations accelerate the layout of MCN, and relevant businesses leverage the company’s revenue. Local mainstream media began to layout MCN in the second half of 2018. Under the catalysis of epidemic situation, short video development and other factors, the media of radio and Television Department make use of their own advantages to accelerate the development of online Red economy, especially the live broadcasting business. TV stations across the country have achieved hundreds of millions of sales through variety show + live broadcast, live party and other modes, which strongly boosted the company’s revenue. In the short term, mainstream media will further increase MCN business and actively cooperate with e-commerce and short video platforms.

Prospects: live broadcasting with goods has become the current outlet, and policies are good for future development. At present, live broadcasting with goods has become the main outlet, and supporting policies have been issued one after another. With the participation of major platforms and mainstream media, the competition in the industry will be more fierce. MCN institutions are more inclined to expand business boundaries, increase high liquidity areas, and increase e-commerce live broadcasting and delivery areas. With abundant stock resources and credit endorsements provided by the background of radio and Television Department, the mainstream media can effectively make up for the inherent defects of MCN industry and have broad development space in the future.

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